Aisha Abdul Rahman

Founder, Curator, & New Media Collections Manager

The number one desire that creatives have is to be seen, heard, and understood. With a passion and love for visual arts & virtual worlds; and well over 20 years of business and project management experience; I went back to school to focus on library science and art curation. My mission as a creator and curator of Legacy Designs Studio is not only to create a space that showcases and highlights art, but uplifts empowers and heals women and people of color who experience it. We don’t strive to just show nice art, but to create memorable and empowering experiences.

With a degree in Transpersonal Psychology. I know that art has the power to transform, the power to heal. Legacy Designs Studio is a way to show that to the world.

Legacy Designs Studio works with corporations, individuals, and organizations to create events that bring about the empowerment and healing of the bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits of women and people of color.

In the fall of 2019, I wrapped up a project working at one of USC’s libraries on a weeding, cataloging, and archiving project. It was during that time that I fell in love with Art Librarianship and Art Curation. I returned home in October 2019, retired from my 20 year Web Design agency, and turned Legacy Designs Studio into an Art Curation Agency. I began working with local art organizations, meeting local creatives, and learning the ropes of curating in physical spaces when COVID19 hit. I suggested to the organization I was working for about Virtual Events, but they were very hesitant to get on board with my idea, and then the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Protests began.

With the enormous amount of powerful Black Lives Matter artwork that begun to circulate on social media, I wondered if it would be possible to bring all these artists and their artwork into a virtual space that would facilitate opportunities for dialogue. What started as a 24 hour Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit, turned into a five-day event and a fourth of July boycott with over 200 registered guests.

I decided to focus on the healing that art can bring and my love for technology to found Legacy Designs Studio. I made it the mission of this newly found nonprofit; with innovative technology as the framework, to create and curate, creative experiences that focus on the healing and uplifting of people that look like myself.