The number one desire that creatives have is to be seen, heard, and understood. With a passion and love for visual arts & virtual worlds; Legacy Designs Studio began during the beginning of COVID as an opportunity to help creatives continue to safely showcase and share their work outside of social media.

Virtual Galleries & Museums

Our virtual corporate offices are located at Artugol (meaning to go back) in the 3D Virtual world of Second Life. It is in Second Life that Legacy Designs Studio Inc. originally launched its first virtual, black lives matter art exhibit.

Within Second Life, we host weekly meetups, events, and workshops for Second Life creators.


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Tired of meeting your team over zoom, our Second Life headquarters has virtual coworking spaces available for brand partners to host training, meetings, and events. We also have team-building activities, like Escape Rooms too!

We also host monthly meetups and annual exhibitions in Meta’s  Horizon Worlds. We found that many people are learning fun and exciting things they can do with their Meta Quest 2 other than just gaming; that includes events and conferences you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Visit the events and exhibitions calendar to learn more about what programs, events, and exhibitions are current and upcoming in our virtual locations