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Juneteenth 2022

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Black Lives Matter

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Virtual Event

Juneteenth 2021

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Virtual Event

Black Lives Matter

Legacy Designs Studio

Empowering GLAMs Through Innovation


The mission of the Legacy Designs Studio gallery is to showcase cutting-edge solutions for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) while providing a dynamic space for ongoing discussions and training about the future of technology in information spaces. We aim to be at the forefront of technological advancements, offering a platform where professionals can explore, learn, and engage with VR and AR innovations that enhance the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage. Through our exhibits and workshops, we are dedicated to advancing the integration of digital technologies in GLAMs, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future for cultural information spaces.


3rd Floor Gallery

Explore Our Virtual Gallery

Experience Innovation Firsthand

Step into the Legacy Designs Studio Virtual Gallery, an immersive space in Second Life where cutting-edge technology meets cultural heritage. In our Innovation Hub, you can explore the latest advancements in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tailored for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs). Engage with interactive exhibits that transport you to historical sites and let you handle digital replicas of priceless artifacts. Attend live demonstrations and workshops in our Seminar Room, where experts share insights on integrating VR and AR into GLAM practices. The Showcase Gallery presents a collection of our most impactful projects, offering a glimpse into how we transform traditional exhibits into dynamic, interactive experiences. Each floor of the gallery is designed to inspire and educate, providing a comprehensive look at how immersive technologies can revolutionize the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage. A photo of the virtual gallery would enhance this experience, giving a visual context to the innovative environment we have created.


2nd Floor CoWorking Space

Seminar Room

A Collaborative Space for Innovation

Our Seminar Room is designed as a versatile coworking space, perfect for hosting board meetings, workshops, and collaborative sessions. The room features a boardroom table that comfortably seats 6-8 people, fostering an intimate and productive environment for discussion and planning. Equipped with “web on a prim” technology, the Seminar Room allows for seamless presentations and meetings, enabling participants to access and share web content directly within the virtual space. Whether you’re brainstorming new ideas, conducting training sessions, or hosting strategic discussions, our Seminar Room provides the ideal setting for innovation and collaboration.


1st Floor LightBox


Your Journey Begins Here

The first floor of Legacy Designs Studio welcomes guests with an inviting lobby, where your immersive tour begins. Accessible from both the north and south entrances, the lobby sets the stage for an innovative experience. From the south entrance, you’ll find the elevator that takes you to the second floor, along with our state-of-the-art lightbox studio. This versatile 360-degree lightbox serves as a video surround for creating dynamic visual content and can also be transformed into a serene meditation space. Whether you’re here to explore our exhibits or participate in a workshop, the welcome lobby is the perfect starting point for your journey into the world of VR and AR innovations for GLAMs.

“Wait….. This is Epic!”
Hajji Hassan


Years In Operation

A 24 hour Black Lives Matter Exhibit in the midst of a Pandemic turned into a mission to preserve to collaborate with cultural institutions worldwide, and developed cutting-edge tools that make heritage accessible and engaging.


So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together