The Story Behind Legacy Arts & Culture Travel

The desire to create a Heritage Travel program at Legacy Designs Studio Inc. came about after our founder took her first trip to the continent of Africa. Being an avid family history researcher, Dr. Aisha Abdul Rahman; found that her trips to West Africa provided opportunities and experiences for not only knowledge and education, but healing, empowerment, self-discovery, and development.

Statistics show that not only is researching one’s family history fun and interesting, but it is also very therapeutic and empowering; especially for those of African Descent that have initially lost connection to the roots of their ancestral homes in the US as well as West Africa. To research one’s roots, and to then go and physically visit those destinations often brings about a sense of knowing one’s self and reconnection to those that were here before us.

Why Travel With Legacy Arts & Culture Travel

The Legacy Arts & Culture travel team are not only experts in their destinations and types of travel, but have built connections and relationships with local and Black-Owned businesses in each location. Additionally, our heritage tours and trips provide opportunities to build connections with like-minded travelers passionate about exploring and discovering their roots.


River Cruises

Domestic river cruises such as the Mississippi River from New Orleans provide opportunities to experience culture from fun and new perspectives. Each year we have Heritage River Cruises where we research, explore and learn about our family history all while being right at the locations we are learning about.

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Heritage Tours

Tours to historical landmarks and monuments are great family-oriented opportunities to get everyone involved in researching family history, even the kids. These tours are designed to not only be fun, but educational as well. They include handouts and worksheets for hands-on learning for students in grades K-12.

Cape Coast Ghana Fishing Village

Heritage Trips

Join us on our annual trips to Ghana, Nigeria, or Sierra Leone.  A trip to West Africa is like no other trip; experience traditional west African foods, music, culture, and shopping experiences. Jump in a Kee Kee, walk the rainforest bridges, visit local fishing villages and more.