Breaking the Chains of Generational Trauma

Our Vision

We envision a reality where men, women, and children of African Descent, unapologetically, fully show up, empowered and confident about who they are, where they came from, and where they are going. 

Our Mission

Legacy Designs Studio Inc. is a cultural, educational organization, dedicated to the design and delivery of programs that foster opportunities and experiences for mental and emotional growth and development of men, women, and children of African descent. 

Our History

In the midst of one of the worse Pandemics, the modern world has experienced, and the beginning of a Black civil revolution, an enormous amount of powerful Black Lives Matter artwork began to circulate on social media, after the horrible tragedy of Mr. George Flloyds public murder. I wondered if it would be possible to bring all these artists and their artwork into a virtual space that would facilitate opportunities for dialogue. What started as a 24-hour Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit, turned into a five-day event and a fourth of July boycott with over 200 registered guests. The following year, we did our first Annual Juneteenth Festival, which also synchronously, became the year that Juneteenth became a Federal Holiday. 

I decided to focus on the healing that art and self-development can bring, along with a passion and growing development of technology and virtual spaces to launch Legacy Designs Studio. We made it the mission of this newly found nonprofit; with innovative technology as the framework, to design programs that C.E.U.H. ( pronounced cue), meaning a signal to start something.  Celebrate, Empower, Uplift & Heal people of African Descent.

Founder, Aisha Abdul Rahman 

Our Philosophy

If an idea, program or brand does not C.E.U.H, it is NOT the right fit for us. 

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