Legacy Designs Studio, Inc. is an innovative, social impact driven, virtual art gallery highlighting some of the most amazing and talented but often overlooked or hidden artists, inspired and motivated to create change through their artwork.

We are  here to empower and uplift women and people of color through creative, virtual experiences that bring about psychological and emotional healing and transformation, by creating, curating and holding space, highlighting women and artists of color for women and people of color. 

We are committed to:

Being Open To Change    Honoring Diversity
Staying Humble    Innovation
Legacy    Tradition

Our success depends on the creativity, time, energy and commitment of our volunteers. Please complete the application below, sharing a bit about yourself and select the area(s) in which you would like to contribute to the community. 

We want our community to know, we see you, we hear you, we feel you !

Prior to volunteering, here are some things to consider and ask yourself.

  1. Is the mission of Legacy Designs Studio, Inc. a mission that I resonate and align with personally and professionally? 
  2. Is the mission of Legacy Designs Studio, Inc. something I can easily advocate for ?
  3. Can I work with the organization at this stage in my life ? Meeting are all virtual, but time may require at least 3-5 hours per month minimum.
  4. What can I and or how can I contribute to the mission of Legacy Designs Studio. Inc. ?
  5. What do I want to get out of volunteering for Legacy Designs Studio. Inc. ?  


Thank you for considering service with Legacy Designs Studio, Inc. 

Upon acceptance of your application, we will provide all volunteers an orientation with the Executive Director, opportunities to discuss the organizations programs, goals, activities, and status. The Board of Directors will be provided with quarterly financial reports, marketing and funding plans as well as opportunities for continued professional development.